Apple Vision Pro Review: the newly revolutionized technology from Apple

Apple Vision Pro

Apple is known for its revolution in the tech industry. The first revolution came in 2007 when Mr. Steve Jobs launched the first smartphone, iPod, and browsing software. He introduced it as one combined product, not three different products. The latest revolutionized gadget from Apple is its Apple Vision Pro AR. Apple will launch this year in January 2024.

We see different types of AR/VR launches in the market but the hype of that product is not like this Apple AR/VR. Now let’s see what revolution is done by Apple which amazed people so much. In this blog, we are going to discuss all productivity features, apps, games, and other things about Apple Vision Pro 2024.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro looks like an AR. But it works exactly like a computer, the difference between computers is that Vision Pro wears your face and it is not huge and bulky and has different components like a general computer. We can say that Apple Vision Pro is a smart AR that works kindly similar to a computer.

We all know that Apple launched revolutionary products. As a result, we assume that this Apple Vision Pro is also a revolution in the computer world. It is sure that a few years back we had this type of smart AR from other renowned manufacturers.

What is AR/VR?

VR rrefferes to Virtual Reality headsets. While we use VR it blocks our view from the real world and can create a virtual world inside it. In the case of AR as the name suggests Argumented Reality means when we use AR it can not block our real world. We can see all things in the real world as well as the virtual world inside it.

Design and hardware of Apple Vision Pro

The design of Apple Vision Pro is like a headset that we wear in our eyes to use its features. But it is bigger in size than other headsets as well as bulky. As a result, when we use it for a long time it may cause some problems and may leave marks around your eyes.

Talking about the hardware the front part features a curved glass black faceplate, army sensors, and two tiny displays that face your eyes. Behind this curved glass, there is a light shield that works as a separator cuff that connects the computer to your face.

The third component of it is the headband that ties the headset to your face and the fourth component is a power supply which actually separate from the main headset. It goes in your pocket and connects to the headset through a wire.

Apple Vision Pro Quality

Now let’s talk about the quality of Apple Vision Pro. We must say that Apple provides immersive video and audio quality to its users. When you watch content or listen to songs you will get very premium audio and video quality.

The main difference between the Apple Vision Pro and its other competitors is the accuracy. Apple uses many sensors and cameras in this Vision Pro headset. As a result in this headset the apps open and close by detecting your eye movement. Which is a very futuristic thing.

Apple Vision Pro Gaming Exprience

Apple provides different types of arcade games in this AR headset. If you really want an AR/VR headset for gaming you might consider other headsets. Which is purely made for gaming. But this Apple Vision Pro headset is built for all others’ productive and daily to daily work. You can do a lot of things by using this headset according to your requirements.

Apple Vision Pro Features

Apple provides different types of features in this Apple Vision Pro AR headset. Let’s have a look at those few features.

1. Interior design:

Apple provides very productive interior design features in this Apple Vision Pro headset. Which enables us to change colors, furniture, and elements of our room virtually. It helps a lot of interior designers to make their work and also helps general users who want to renovate their houses.

2. Apple TV+

We did not have OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar in this Apple Vision Pro but as this is only launched in the US market till now the mouse famous Apple TV+ OTT application is provided in this headset. But we expect that when Apple launches this in the Indian market it may provide India-oriented OTT apps like Hotstar, Netflix, and others.


One of the special and best features of this Apple Vision Pro is the IMAX app. Which provides an immersive theater experience. The video quality is very good and you will also get a surround sound experience while watching content in this app. If other movies launch in this app surely you will not prefer theaters to watch movies.

4. Video Editing

You can also edit photos and videos in this Apple Vision Pro headset. But there are certain limits. You can not do high-level professional video editing with this but you can edit casual HD and FHD videos with this.

5. Pin Screen

You can also set different virtual screens in your house by scanning your house through this. You can move those screens according to your requirement by pin screen through your fingers.

6. Video Call

Apple also provides a video calling option with this Apple Vision Pro headset. But as you wear this in your face the other person whom you call can not see your face and can only see a live virtual avatar of yours while calling. But that person whom you call virtually is present in front of you which looks very fascinating.

Summary and Verdict

At last, we only can say that it must be a revolutionary product from Apple. Which updates year by year and Apple working on it to improve it more. In the future, it also can replace MacBooks and iPhones. No one can predict anything about this. The price of this Apple Vision Pro headset is around $3500. The Apple Vision Pro has only been launched in the US market till now. Many people in the US purchase it and use it as a primary device. But it is so much more expensive than Apple’s other products.

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