How to Change Covid Vaccination Mobile Number from CoWin Website

Change Covid Vaccination Mobile

The COVID-19 vaccine certificate is a very important document for every person. But if you have not given the correct mobile number while booking the vaccine, then you may be in great danger in the future. Because without a mobile number, you cannot download your COVID certificate. So it is important to have your current mobile number updated with your COVID-19 vaccine certificate. In this article, I have given detailed information about how you can change the mobile number of your COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Changing the Mobile Number in the Covid Vaccination Certificate is a very easy process. You can easily change the Mobile Number Change of the COVID Vaccination Certificate by following several steps. There are two separate processes for updating the mobile number in this vaccine certificate. One process is from the Aarogya Setu Mobile App and the other is from the CoWin Website.

You can change your COVID-19 vaccine certificate mobile number through any of these two methods. However, in this article, we have given detailed information about how you can change your vaccine certificate mobile number from the CoWin Website. Now see how to change the mobile number in the COVID vaccine certificate.

Why should you keep your COVID-19 vaccination mobile number updated?

You should keep your COVID-19 vaccination mobile number updated because your mobile number is significant to logging into the coWIN official website and downloading your vaccination certificate.

When you want to log into the coWin site an OTP will sent to your registered mobile number. If your mobile is not up to date you can’t enter a valid OTP. As a result, you can view, download, and update your vaccination certificate details.

Change Covid Vaccination Mobile Number: Step by step:

Step 1

First the COWIN website on your desktop or laptop web browser.

Then click on the REGISTER/SIGN IN Button on the top right side.

Change Covid Vaccination Mobile
Step 2

Now enter your Mobile Number and then click on the Get OTP button.

Check your message inbox you will get an OTP from the Cowin website.

Step 3

Then fill in the OTP and click on the Verify & Proceed button.

Change Covid Vaccination Mobile
Step 4

From here click on the Rice and Issue on the top right. Then a pop-up tab will open in front of you.

Step 5

From here again click on the Raise and Issue.

Change Covid Vaccination Mobile
Step 6

Now, click on the Transfer a member to new mobile number.

Step 7

From here click on the Select the member to transfer.

Change Covid Vaccination Mobile
Step 8

Then Select the Member whose vaccine mobile number you want to change.

Step 9

From here type your mobile number in Enter New Mobile Number form.

Then Tick the check box.

And then click on the Continue button.

Change Covid Vaccination Mobile
Step 10

After that, you received an OTP on your new mobile number.

Then enter that OTP and click on the Submit Request button.

Step 11

Finally, your mobile number is successfully updated and you will received a message like this.

Change Covid Vaccination Mobile

Now, if you go to the Cowin website and log in with your new mobile, you will see that your Covid Vaccination Mobile number has completely changed. You can see all the COVID-19 vaccine certificates transferred to that same mobile number by logging in with that mobile number.

This way you can change all COVID-19 vaccine mobile numbers. However, if your mobile number associated with the vaccine is lost or switched off, you need to visit your nearest health center to change the mobile number. As soon as you click on the submit request button, a page like this will open in front of you where it will be written Member transferred successfully.

Website Link:- Cowin


I have given detailed information about how you can change the mobile number of the vaccine online. Through the above method, you can easily change your COVID-19 vaccine mobile number by opening this co-win website in any browser on your mobile or desktop. For that follow the complete procedure well. Hope the information provided in this article is much to you

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my vaccination details on cowin?

To change vaccination details just go to and register your profile. After that tap on Raise an issue -> correction in certificate. Now select member and tap on the continue button. After that choose any details like name, DOB, and others upload a valid document, and tap on the continue button. After clicking on the continue button a new screen will appear where all changes are shown now tap on the Submit request button.

Can I change passport number in vaccination certificate?

Yes, according to government guidelines, you can change the passport number on the vaccination certificate once.

How to get vaccination certificate with Aadhaar number?

To get a vaccination certificate with an Aadhaar number just log in to the Cowin website. Login using a mobile number. Next to identify your identity a unique password will sent to your registered mobile number. Please note that you should keep your Aadhar details handy to download the CoWIN certificate using your Aadhar card. After that, you can see the dates and vaccinations just tap on the certificate tab and click on the download button.

How to download COVID vaccine certificate from CoWIN website?

To download the COVID vaccine certificate log into the CoWIN official website with your registered mobile number. Now click on the show certificate button. A new screen will appear where you can see the download button. Just tap on it and your certificate will be downloaded.

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