Top 10 Best Clipboard Managers For Windows

Clipboard Managers for Windows

Clipboard Managers are a very important tool for any Windows laptop or desktop. We use this tool in almost different cases. However, Windows does not have its own clipboard tool. Windows has its own clipboard, but it’s not very useful. Most Windows users are not satisfied with this clipboard tool of Windows.

If you ask me, I would say the most used feature or tool in Windows is the clipboard. But I don’t really like this Windows tool so I use other third party clipboard tools. And these third-party clipboard tools are much more advanced and work better than Windows’ own clipboard tool.

You are bound to be amazed by the features of these third party tools. Apart from basic text copying, you can use these clipboards to copy images, videos, documents, and other content for repeated use. Not only this, these clipboards have a history where you can check your copied files.

I have provided information about some of the best Clipboard Managers software for Windows laptops or desktops that have great features. But another good thing about this software is that most of them are completely free. You can download and use it from any software store. So now know the best Clipboard Managers software and tools for Windows.

List of 10 Best Clipboard Managers for Windows:-

1. Ditto

Clipboard Managers for Windows

Ditto is a very powerful software for the Windows operating system. The best thing about this software is that it is completely free clipboard software. If you use this software once you never uninstall this clipboard software.

Although free, this Ditto Clipboard software has several advanced features. Through this software, you can copy and manage various types of content including text, images, and files to the clipboard. Also through this software, you can share data directly over the internet. There is also Full Unicode support through which you can copy and paste text in any language in the world. You can also search and extract any file in this clipboard and paste it elsewhere.

Price:- Free

2. ClipboardFusion

ClipboardFusion is a very advanced clipboard software for Windows. This clipboard software is available in both free and paid versions. But you can use its trial version for a lifetime if you want. But you can use this trial version with some limited features.

Since this ClipboardFusion software is paid, it has several premium features. Which makes this software a bit different from other clipboard software. But once you use this clipboard software then never use any other clipboard software.

In this ClipboardFusion software, you can copy text, video, audio, image, and many other types of files. You can also share the copied files from the clipboard to other computers and mobiles. This ClipboardFusion software has a HotKeys facility for user convenience. In this ClipboardFusion clipboard, you can edit, pin, sync, search, reorder, and use the files on the clipboard as needed.

Price:- Free/Paid

3. ClipClip

Clipboard Managers for Windows

My favorite clipboard software is ClipClip. It is a completely free clipboard software for Windows. It is used by professionals across a multitude of industries. And I also personally use this ClipClip clipboard software. You can also use this ClipClip software for your Windows laptop or desktop.

Like other software, the clipboard has more features like multiple texts, images or files, etc. Also, through this software, you can copy any image file to the clipboard and extract the text from the image. Also, ClipClip can translate the text of any language copied from the clipboard to another language.

Another good feature of this ClipClip software is that you can search and extract the files copied to the clipboard. You can also sync the data copied to the clipboard via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Price:- Free

4. CopyQ

CopyQ is a great clipboard manager software for Windows. But available for OS X and Linux in addition to Windows. It is one of the best Clipboard Managers software for Windows. And it is also a very powerful clipboard software. the best thing about it is that its user appearance is completely customizable. For example, you can choose the colors, fonts, and transparency of this software theme as you like.

With this CopyQ software, you can copy text, HTML, images, or any other custom format files. Also, this software has a Customized tray menu. And through it, you can add notes or tags to any file copied to the clipboard.

Price:- Free

5. ClipX

Clipboard Managers for Windows

ClipX is a very lightweight clipboard manager for Windows. It has all the basic features of a clipboard manager. The best thing about it is that its user interface is very simple. This software has basic editing capabilities, such as trimming or correcting copied text before pasting.

In this ClipX software, you can customize various settings including the number of items saved in history and the appearance of the clipboard manager. It also has a portable version that can be run without installation on any Windows laptop or desktop via a USB drive.

Price:- Free

6. 1Clipboard

1 Clipboard is a multi-platform clipboard software. This software is also available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. With this 1 clipboard software, you can copy many types of content such as text, images, and any file. And later you can paste it anywhere else as needed.

Another good thing about this 1 clipboard is that it gives high priority to data security and has encryption features to protect sensitive clipboard information. It also has a feature to customize settings, where you can customize the number of items saved in clipboard history and synchronization settings.

Price:- Free

7. ClipMate

Clipboard Managers for Windows

Clipmate is a powerful clipboard manager for Windows. And it has a lot of cool features for managing the clipboard. This climate software is a paid clipboard software. If you are looking for a premium clipboard software for your Windows laptop or desktop then this is the best for you.

And if you want to use free clipboard software, then you can use any of the listed software. Being paid software, it has premium features that you won’t find in any other clipboard software.

You can copy and hold more than a thousand files, Text, RTF, HTML, and Bitmap formats through this Clipmate software. Another good thing about Clipmate is that it has a portable version that you can use on any Windows laptop or desktop via pen drive without installing it. Also through it, you can also capture the screen of your desktop and laptop.

Price:- Paid

8. ArsClip

ArsClip is a simple clipboard manager for Windows that simplifies the process of managing and accessing your clipboard history. With ArsClip, you no longer have to worry about losing copied items or struggling to find previously copied content.

It keeps track of all your copied text, images, and files, allowing you to easily restore and reuse them whenever needed. One of ArsClip’s standout features is its customizable hotkeys, which enable quick access to clipboard history or the ability to paste specific items with just one keystroke.

This is a real-time-saver when you often work with repetitive tasks or need to refer back to previously copied information. The user interface of this ArsClip is user-friendly and lightweight. Whether you are a casual user or a power user, ArsClip provides a reliable and streamlined clipboard management solution for Windows.

Price:- Free

9. Clipdiary

Clipboard Managers for Windows

ClipDiary is a convenient and feature-rich clipboard manager software for Windows. It is one of the best Clipboard Managers software for Windows. This makes managing your clipboard history much easier. This software has a seamless feature of keeping track of all your copied items, through which you will never lose your important information.

With ClipDiary, you can effortlessly access an extensive history of text, images, and files that you’ve copied in the past. This comes in handy when you need to retrieve previously copied content or return to important snippets of text. It also has search functionality that lets you easily find specific items within your clipboard history. And this feature greatly simplifies the time and effort of finding your previously copied content

With this ClipDiary software, you can organize your copied clips into custom folders and deliver them directly. Another notable feature of this software is that you can paste previous clips directly into your active application using customizable hotkeys.

Price:- Free/Paid

10. TenClips

TenClips is a versatile and user-friendly clipboard manager software for Windows. This makes working with your clipboard more convenient. These TenClips also have some amazing features to increase your work productivity and streamline the workflow. With these TenClips, you can store and manage ten different clipboard items at once. You can also access copied content quickly and conveniently.

TenClips eliminates the need to switch between applications or search for previously copied information. This software has a simple and intuitive interface that helps you easily view and select from your clipboard history. Tenclips also offers customizable keyboard shortcuts, enabling you to paste specific items directly into your active application, saving time and effort.

Price:- Free

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