How To Detect Hidden Cameras In Just 4 Steps

Detect Hidden Cameras

Recording videos by hiding cameras is illegal and offensive. No one can record your private videos without your permission. But these days the scenario of viral people’s videos is prevalent and frequently increased. This scenario usually happens in hotel rooms or guest houses. You can avoid this scenario we must checking into reputed hotels or guest houses and not only. We must check whether there is any hidden camera in your room. Here we discuss what the hidden camera looks like and how can you Detect Hidden Cameras in any place.

What is a hidden camera and what does it look like

Detect Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are very small cameras. As a result, one can easily place it anywhere anonymously to record your private videos. There is a very high chance that these hidden cameras are custom-made. As a result, these are not properly finished and the circuit and wires are noticeable.

Places need more attention to Detect Hidden Cameras

The most common places where Hidden Cameras may placed are mentioned below:

Electronics devices: Electronic devices are mostly used to install hidden cameras because no one cares about these things and these things need a 24/7 power supply. As a result, the camera can record videos always without any interruption.

Smoke Detectors: Similar devices like smoke detectors and any other alarm devices may used to install hidden cameras.

Mirrors and Glasses: Mirrors and glasses are often used to install hidden cameras because Detect Hidden Cameras in the mirror is a tough thing.

Toilets and Bathroom: Waterproof hidden cameras may be installed inside the bathroom. Hence you closely reserve the toilet sheet area, geyser area, and shower area to Detect Hidden Cameras.

Why do people install hidden cameras?

Hidden cameras may installed for many purposes and in any place. Someone known to you can install hidden cameras for some urge on you. On the other hand, some people install cameras to sell your videos on the dark web. mainly people install hidden cameras for spying, extortion, and for gathering information. Recording someone’s videos anonymously is an offensive crime. If someone does that and is caught in red-hand may fall into a huge problem.

4 Easy Steps to Detect Hidden Cameras

When you have doubts about something just search properly for that object or that place. Here are 5 easy steps by following those steps you can easily detect hidden cameras in your suspicious objects or places.

1. Scan the environment around you

The first step to Detect Hidden Cameras should be to scan manually for suspicious places that do not look normal to you. To detect hidden cameras in your room follow these steps:

. Scan power outlets, telephone sockets, AC ventilation, TV, and smart bulbs.

. Keep an eye on unfamiliar objects and home decor items Hidden cameras may placed there.

. You can use IR lights or mobile flashlights to properly check the corners of the room.

. Properly check the bathroom area because waterproof hidden cameras may placed in the bathroom.

. Contact the police if your doubt is valid.

2. Check for keyholes and unusual holes

Hidden cameras also may be placed inside the keyholes and unusual holes. So, properly have a look at those holes. You can also use your mobile flashlights in a dark area. Use your fingers to detect any objects inside the holes if you find something trying to draw out from the holes. You can use it as proof which helps you a lot to fight with this case.

3. Radio Frequency Detectors

You can Detect Hidden cameras with the help of Radio Frequency Detector. A radio frequency tool is one kind of tool that helps you to Detect Hidden Cameras by capturing the frequency of those cameras. You can also try a few apps for this purpose. We did not mention any apps here because some of these apps are free and some of them are paid but you can try a few of those free apps available on Play Store.

4. Use a mobile camera and flashlight

To detect Hidden Cameras you can use a mobile camera to look properly in dark places. Simply turn on your phone camera and look around the room if there is any hidden camera around you you might notice some red dots in your camera app. These dots indicate the infrared that most of the cameras give off for enhancing images in dark areas.


Suspecting the presence of the hidden camera is frightening. But we suggest you not be afraid of this instead you can check the hidden camera. Which is mentioned above in the blog. If you find any hidden cameras in your room immediately contact the police they will raise a complaint against it and help you to fight this incident. Yet you can also raise an FIR against the hotel authority for compromising your privacy.

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