How to Download OkCredit Customer Statement in PDF from App

Download OK Credit Customer Statement

OkCredit is an app for maintaining business transactions. Which allows the small business owner to digitally record their payment transactions across India. The merchant’s app has an easy and secure way to manage their credit and debit records on an account-by-account basis and Download OkCredit Customer Statement for their business.

They can digitally keep records of their transactions and document payments by Download OkCredit Customer Statement. As a result, merchants can provide clarity of their merchant’s record to their shoppers on-demand. Business owners also can Download OkCredit Customer Statement in PDF form to keep a record as a hard copy. Even business owners also can delete some old and unnecessary customers to keep the customer list.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can Download oKCredit Customer Statement in PDF format and also how you can delete customers from the customer list.

Why do you need to download the OkCredit Statement?

  • You can download and make a hard copy of old statements.
  • You can delete old customer statements by downloading them as per your need.
  • Business owners can download and print the statement and give customers one copy if needed.
  • By downloading you get all backups of your statements locally.

Download a Customer Statement in OkCredit Account: Step-by-Step Guide:-

The OK Credit app is one of the most widely used apps for tracking all business transactions, big and small. However, if you have an old OK Credit account, you may have too many customers in your customer list.

Keeping accounts for transactions with new or existing customers is very challenging in some cases. Therefore, you may need to delete some customers in your OkCredit account to remove unnecessary transaction accounts. To delete customers from the customer list you can follow the steps mentioned below.


First, you have to open the okCredit app on your smartphone.

Download OkCredit Customer Statement

In the next step select that particular customer whom you want to download the statement.

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Tap on the page icon on the top of your screen beside the customer name.

Download OkCredit Customer Statement

A new screen of Customer Statement has appeared scroll down and click on the Download button.

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You can check the downloading progress in the control panel of your phone.

Download OkCredit Customer Statement

Now open the downloaded PDF on your phone.

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OkCredit: Android, iOS, and Website

Is the OkCredit app safe?

Yes, the OkCredit app is safe to use as it has a very strong and secure privacy policy.

Is OkCredit free?

Yes, the OkCredit app is free to use.

How do I contact OkCredit customer care?

You can contact customer care through the app and also in WhatsApp (+91-9916515152) or through mail (

How much does OkCredit cost?

It is a free software.

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