How To Edit Your People Card on Google Search (Step by Step)

Edit Your People Card on Google Search

Are you a Google people card user? You want to update your people card information, but you don’t know how to edit your people card and update its information. Then we will tell you that you have opened the right article.

In the article we have given complete information on how you can edit your Google people card and update all your information. The process of updating this google people card information is very easy but if you don’t follow the correct procedure then you can’t update.

So read this article till the end In this article we have given the complete procedure step by step by which you can update your Google people card information very easily.

To update Google People Card information, first open the Google app on your Android mobile. Then follow the steps given below.

Click here to open the Google People Card page.


Now first tap on your search form.

Edit Your Google People Card

Type Add Me to Google Search in the search box that opens. Then tap the Enter or Search icon.


Now you will see your Google People Card profile is open. Here you will see an edit button to the right of the name. Now tap on this edit button.

Edit Your Google People Card

Then tap on that Gmail account to select the Gmail ID from which you created your A People card.


Now full editing options will open in front of you where you can edit everything from your picture to name address, about, occupation, work, and hometown.

Edit the information by ticking the boxes of the information you want to edit.

Then tap on your preview button when editing is done.

Edit Your Google People Card

Now tap on the save button here.


After saving the complete information you will see all the new information you have updated will show here.


You can easily edit your Google People Card by looking at the information we have provided here and updating its complete information as per your requirements. So follow every step given above carefully so that you can update your Google people card profile without any difficulty.

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