How to Pay Flipkart Pay Later Bill Online (Full Guide)

Pay Flipkart Pay Later bill

If you want to know how to pay Flipkart Pay Later bill then you have clicked on the right article. In this article, I have given detailed information about how you can pay your Flipkart Pay Later bill.

Flipkart Pay Letter is a very popular feature of the Flipkart shopping portal. The number of users of this Flipkart Pay Letter is increasing with time. The Flipkart company offers this facility to those customers who have a good civil score. This feature is provided by Flipkart company completely free to its users.

However, using Flipkart Pay Later bill pay has some special advantages as well as some special disadvantages. For example, you have to make the payment by the 5th of the month following the use of Flipkart Pay Later. And if you do, Flipkart adds a late fine to your due amount. But it varies per total amount.

But if you want to avoid this late fine then you must pay on time. So now let’s see how you can pay your Flipkart Pay Later bill. Before that check what payment method you can use to pay Flipkart Flipkart Pay Later bill.

What payment method can you pay through Flipkart Pay Later bill

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Internet banking
  • UPI apps like (Paytm, Bhim Phonepay, and Google Pay)

What is the time period for Flipkart pay later?

How much late fine can be added if Flipkart’s pay letter bill is not paid on time?

Pay Later Use LimitMonthly Usage Fee (Exclusive of GST)Monthly Usage Fee (Including GST)No. of Transactions
₹101 – ₹1,000/-₹5/-₹6/-Unlimited
₹1,001 – ₹3,000₹10/-₹12/-Unlimited
Greater then ₹3,000/-₹15/-₹18/-Unlimited

Follow these steps to Pay the Flipkart Pay Later Bill Online:-

The steps given here are how to pay a Flipkart pay letter bill from mobile so follow the 32 types given here well so that you can pay a Flipkart pay letter bill without any difficulty.

Flipkart: Website, Android App & iOS App


First, open the Flipkart app on your mobile.

Then tap on the account icon at the bottom.

Pay Flipkart Pay Later bill

Now a page like this will open in front of you where you will see the Flipkart Pay Later option in credit options. Now tap on this Flipkart Pay Later.


Now at the bottom, you will see a button named like this. Tap on this Pay button here.


Then tap on the UPI option here as you want to pay through UPI.

Pay Flipkart Pay Later bill

Now select the UPI platform from which you want to make the payment.


Here select your bank account and then tap on the get button below.

Pay Flipkart Pay Later bill

Now enter your UPI three and tap on the OK button.

Pay Flipkart Pay Later bill

Here you can see that you have successfully made the payment of the Flipkart Pay Letter. And your Flipkart wallet balance is restored.


From the information we have provided in the article, you can easily pay the Flipkart biller bill using your UPI app. We have given the entire topic in a very easy way so follow these procedures very well. And I am sure this COC article will help you a lot.

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