Top 10 Best Secure Browsers for Android 

Privacy Web Browsers for Android

People use web browsers for various works. Students are used to browsers for study material, working professionals use it for their professional lives and some people use it for entertainment and to gain knowledge. Most people use browsers on their Android phones. Every keyword we searched in the browser saved the keyword and our full activity in its database for different purposes. Hence we should use Secure Browsers for Android to secure our privacy and personal and professional data.

What is a Secure Browser?

First, let me explain what is a browser and how it works. A web browser is an application program that takes our searched keyword as input and makes a request to the server to give results as per our keyword. Then the web browser shows the result on our display. The browser saved our searched keywords and activity in their backend system.

Even if someone deletes the searched history and activity from it. The activity and search history are only removed from their phone not from its backend system. Hence we must use a secure browser to keep our data and activity secure. Below we mentioned the top 10 Secure Browsers for Android.

List of 10 Best Privacy Web Browsers for Android:

1. Tor Browser

Privacy Web Browsers for Android

Tor Browser is the most secure Android Browser. When we hear the name Tor the first thing that comes to mind is Tor Browser comes from a sketchy group of hackers and anonymous developers. Which built up to steal our private data. But the reality is exactly the opposite. The Tor Browser was developed by the US Naval Research Lab and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Tor browser is based on Mozilla Firefox, we can say that Tor is the modified version of Mozilla Firefox. Developers build this to hide users’ location, IP address, and other data from websites. In the above, we mentioned some highlighted security features of the Tor browser.

Security features:

Block trackers: The Tor browser isolates third-party trackers and ads from the website that you visit. As a result, it kindly works like the incognito mode of Chrome by default.

Defends against surveillance: The Tor browser protects us from surveillance. It means that no one can watch your location, network connection, IP address, etc.

Private Browsing: The Tor browser enables us to browse privately. As a result, the browser itself did not track and record your browsing information.

Malware detection: The Tor browser provides us with Malware detection features. Which alerts us when we visit some malicious websites that might track and record our data.

2. DuckDuck Go

DuckDuck Go is another Secure browser for Android. The name might seem you wired but the privacy features are very strong in this browser. DuckDuck Go has lots of unique features like tracker blocking, duck player, HTTP and HTTPS encryption, and a fire button. Apart from privacy, DuckDuck Go provides functionality such as malware blocking, email protection, and password management. In the above we mentioned some highlighted security features of DuckDuck Go.

Security features:

Tracker blocking: DuckDuck Go enables tracker-blocking features. which interrupt third-party blockers from tracking your details.

Smart Encryption: DuckDuck Go provides a feature called Smart Encryption. The Smart Encryption features convert HTTP network connection to HTTPS network connection.

Email protection: DuckDuck Go provides users with email protection features. It protects users’ privacy while sending and receiving emails by blocking hidden email trackers from tracking your email data.

Malware blocking: Malware blocking is one of the other security features of DuckDuck Go. Malware-blocking features enable users to block malware from entering their phones. As a result, your phone is kept secure.

3. Brave Browser

Privacy Web Browsers for Android

Brave browser is one of the Secure Browsers for Android. If you are a freelance writer like me you noticed many recommendations related to your daily search on different social media apps and YouTube. Hence you realize that all the cookies and activity are shared with their party apps. Brave do not do that. Brave provides essential features like tracker blocking, Firewall + VPN, bounce tracking protection, and client-side encryption to secure your browsing data. Below we mentioned some essential security features of Brave browser.

Security features:

Brave Shield: The Brave browser provides us with a feature called Brave Shield. This is the first protection layer that includes block trackers, cross-site cookies, and more. To enable this just tap on the brave shield icon on the address bar of any site.

Advance Protection: This is the second security layer of Brave. This layer includes reduced network server calls, blocked bounce tracking, partitioning, and many more to secure your data.

Client-side encryption: Brave also provides client-side encryption. Encryption is a process of protecting information by using various modes.

Social media blocking: Brave also provides social media blocking features. As a result, we did not show any recommendations on social media apps about our browsing products or services.

4. Firefox

Firefox is another lightweight Secure Browser for Android. If you want to try something new browsing apps you should try this browser. Firefox is not a new browser, this is the most popular used by humongous people. Everyone trusts this app. Some privacy features that Firefox provides are tracking protection, cookies protection, DNS over HTTP, Phishing and malware protection, and more. Below we mentioned some highlighted security features of this browser.

Security features:

Tracking protection: Tracking protection protects user’s data from tracking. As a result, when you visit any random sites no tracker can track your details and can not fetch information.

Cookies Protection: Firefox also provides a cookies protection feature. This feature disables sites from accessing user cookies. As a result, your activity becomes private.

DNS over HTTPS: When users type any name of the website in the address bar this feature sends their typed name to the DNS server with an encrypted HTTPS connection. This prevents their parties from seeing your searched sites.

Phishing and malware protection: This feature gives you an alert when you visit any suspicious or Phishing websites that are reported by other people. As a result, you became aware and left those sites.

5. Microsoft Edge

Privacy Web Browsers for Android

Microsoft Edge is one of the Secure Browser for Android, which comes from the Microsoft group. The name Microsoft is enough to state that this browser is safe. But we can not do that. We must explain all the things about this browser to you Some security features that Microsoft provides in this browser to ensure users’ privacy are mentioned below. Here are some essential security features of Microsoft Edge.

Security features:

Secure VPN network: When users connect to any open wifi network edge automatically turns on Secure VPN features as a result third parties can not access your sensitive information.

Password monitor: Password monitor features check your saved password from data breaches and send users a notification corresponding to this and allow users to change their old password.

Microsoft defender smartscreen: When you visit any suspicious site that might inject malware into your smartphone, Edge defends that malware by blocking it.

Password health: Microsoft checks whether your password is enough strong or not and it also checks that before any other sites, you entered the same password or not. And give you a suggestion that helps you to keep a strong password.

6. Opera Browser

Opera Browser, hope that all of us are well known to this name. There was a time when the opera was the king of all browsers. Everyone loves this browser, at that time no other browser provided functionality features as well as privacy features. Microsoft Edge provides security features like built-in AD blocking, Operatic VPN, and more. Below we mentioned some highlighted security features of this browser.

Security features:

Operatic VPN: Operatic VPN is the in-built VPN of the Opera browser. When users browse by connecting to any open public Wifi network attackers may attack to steal users’ sensitive data. Operatic VPN prevents attackers from attacking.

AD blocking: If users want to enjoy this feature you have to turn on this. This feature disables third-party tracking as a result you are not only safe but also your performance is improved.

Encryption and security protocols: Opera supports various security layers to secure your network connectivity. It used 128-bit encryption. Which secures your sensitive information.

Pop-up blocker: Just like other secure browsers Opera also supports pop-up blockers to improve your browsing experience. However, you can customize the pop-up according to your needs.

7. Google Chrome

Privacy Web Browsers for Android

Google Chrome is the most popular and most used and Secures Browsers for Android as well as for other platforms. Everyone trusts this browsing app as this is developed by Google itself. People love this browser for the trust and strong privacy policy of Google. Google provides security features like disabling data syncing, Do Not Track, and other features in this browser. Below we mentioned some effective security features of Google Chrome.

Security features:

Disable data syncing: Bookmarks and browsing history are generally saved on the user’s device. It helps users to use Chrome browsers on different platforms effectively. However, Chrome gives users an option to turn it off.

Do not track: Chrome gives us Do not track features. This is of course not by default, but you can easily turn it on. This feature prevents unsafe sites from opening in your device. With this feature, the sites are also unknown to users browsing time.

Incognito tab: Chrome also has an inbuilt incognito tab. But unfortunately, it is not by default. You can turn it on itself.

HTTPS indicator: Chrome has this very helpful HTTP indicator built into the browser. These features indicate us when we visit any sites without HTTPS protocol.

8. Samsung Internet Browser

Internet browser is a pre-installed browser that we noticed in Samsung smartphones. Samsung provides this browser built into its One UI. This browser also comes in the list of Secure Browsers for Android. Like Samsung smartphones, this browser also comes with various essential security features that protect users’ sensitive information from third-party websites and trackers. This browser comes with an inbuilt private browsing mode, a password manager, and more. Here are some security features of the Samsung Internet Browser.

Security features:

Private browsing mode: The Internet browser provides a secure browsing facility through its private browsing mode functionality. After turning it on you can also restrict access to the apps through fingerprint or password.

Samsung pass: Samsung pass is the built-in password manager of the Internet browser. With this functionality, users can protect their saved password by fingerprint or password.

Secret mode: Samsung Internet browser takes things up a notch by providing Secret mode features in it. This is a little bit safer than the usual incognito mode. Additionally, users can also hide the list of downloaded files by enabling secret mode.

Privacy dashboard: Other competitors’ browsers only provide add blockers and pop-up blockers but you can not even see which sites track and steal your data. Whereas Samsung Internet browser provides privacy dashboard features where you can see the list of all sites that tracked you.

9. Vivaldi Browser

Privacy Web Browsers for Android

If you want to try a new browser that is not only safe and secure but also provides huge functionality features you can try the Vivaldi browser. This is one of the other most popular Secure Browsers for Android devices. It is a Chromium-based browser hence here security and privacy are the top priority. Some inbuilt security features of this browser are an ad blocker and tracker, hiding IP addresses by disabling WebRTC capabilities, etc. Some essential security features of this browser are mentioned below.

Security features:

Built-in tracker and ad blocker: Like other secure browsers Vivaldi browser also provides built-in tracker and ad blocker features that keep your cookies safe and block third-party trackers.

Strong privacy and security policy: In the privacy policy of this browser it is mentioned that the Vivaldi browser can not store any information like browsing history and activity in its backend system.

Disable WebRTC: Suppose you are on any other browser and you are using WebRTC under a VPN, your IP address is still visible. However, with this browser, you can selectively turn off WebRTC capability.

10. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser which also comes in the list of Secure Browsers for Android. A lot of security features come built with this browser. The installation process of this browser is very easy and setup is also easy. Dolphin browser comes with various privacy and security modes like incognito mode, password manager, ad-blocker, in-built VPN, and more. Here we mentioned some essential security features of this browser.

Security features:

Incognito mode: Like other modern browsers Dolphin browser also comes with incognito mode. As a result, when you browse by enabling incognito mode sites can not track our activity and can save our cookies.

Ad blocker: Ad blocker functionality also comes with this browser. Which helps users protect their sensitive information by disabling third-party trackers and pop-up blocks.

In-build VPN: The Dolphin browser also comes with in-build VPN. Which helps users to hide IP addresses from malicious sites.

Do not track: This feature sends signals to websites that these users do not wish to track activity for any purpose. Which helps users to hide their activity from different sites.


In the above blog, we mentioned the Top 10 Secure Browsers for Android devices. If you want to try something new browser with more security features you can read the above blog. We mentioned all the essential security features of every browser. All the browsers that we mentioned are well-known like Samsung Internet browser, Vivaldi browser, Google Chrome, Dolphin browser, and more. We hope that if you are searching for a new browser for your Android device this blog helps you a lot to choose the right browser according to your needs.

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