Top 12 Most Popular Social Media Platforms & Sites

Social Media Platforms

In today’s world social media platforms are one of the important parts of our life. Every day most of us wake up and check social media to watch what is going on around the world. Through these Popular Social Media Platforms, we can collect any kind of news information from any part of the world. Nowadays social media platforms play a crucial role in our lives. In everyday life somehow we are dependent on social media.

If you look deeply you will observe how people are spending so much time on social media platforms nowadays. In our society, most of us are intimately connected with some social media platforms. Social media platforms help us in many ways like earning money helping poor people, spreading awareness, and many more.

Do you want to earn through social media platforms? Then we have to know about the most popular social media platforms in 2024 and are famous features of these social media platforms. In this article, we discuss about 12 most popular social media platforms.

Popular Social Media Platforms & Sites
  1. Facebook (2.96 Billion)
  2. Instagram (2 Billion)
  3. Snapchat (750 Million)
  4. X (Formaly Twitter)(556 Million)
  5. Pinterest ( 465 Million)
  6. Reddit ( 430 Million)
  7. LinkedIn ( 424 Million)
  8. Share chat ( 400 million)
  9. Quora (300 million)
  10. Tumblr (135 million)
  11. Koo ( 60 million )
  12. Explurger ( 1.3Million)

1. Facebook

Facebook - Popular Social Media Platforms

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. It is the old social media platform. And this is the most popular social media platform in the is owned by the American technology conglomerate Meta Platform. It can be accessed form any device with internet connectivity. it was the most downloaded social media app. Now, quickly discuss about its features


  • Facebook’s main feature is it helps to communicate with each other.
  • It is an open communication social platform for all, using this app we can communicate with each other.
  • In this app we can create any post and in this post people watch and through comment they can give their own opinion about this post.
  • Through reel It can provides quick entertainment in people’s life.
  • Through this app people can earn money
  • This app provides information like educational, News, health related and many more.
  • Now day’s people are using Facebook for online business purpose.
  •  Help of this app You can explore what you love
  • Using this app you connected and share things to whole world.

2. Instagram


Instagram is a one of the attractive social media platforms .it is American photo and video sharing is owned by meta provides users to upload photo with Instagram filters. Through this app you can post and shared photo and video. Instagram supports 32 language including English, Spanish, French, Korean and many more


  • Instagram provides filters and editing options.
  • Through this app you can use hashtags and tagging
  • You can create stickers and polls
  • You can create reel and IGTV. instagram features enhance communication.
  •  Through this app you can use direct messaging
  • It can provides video and voice calling .
  • Instagram provides live streaming option.
  • You can earn from Instagram
  •  Through Instagram You can start your business
  • It is an entirely visual platform.
  • You can easily download this app form google play store

3. Snapchat

Snapchat - Popular Social Media Platforms

Now day’s, Snapchat is a popular social media platform in all over the world. It is a technology company. And It provides greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate . It is an American multimedia instant messaging app. It is developed by Snap Inc.


  • The principle of snapchat is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time before they became inaccessible to their recipients.
  • This app share the moment
  • It is maintained privacy and security, it has end -to-end encrypted app
  • Snapchat share fast and fun way to share the moment with friends and family.
  • You can send image, video it called snap  
  • It is free for everyone
  • It is easily available in google play store
  • It maintain privacy and security
  • Downloading videos from kwai, snack video, and kuaishou we can build our own collection of entertainment content that we can enjoy
  • It allows you to share downloaded video and share with friends and family
  • It is free for everyone
  • You can easily download it from google playstore

4. Pinterest


Pinterest is famous social media is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and this app u will find ideas to spark inspiration. In todays world it is a powerful marketing tool that can help in business.


  • In this app ,you can upload an image from your computer or mobile device to create pin,and you can save pins from image.
  • It provides analytics tools for businesses and content creators.
  • In this app you can use group boards to collaborate with friends and family.
  • It provides a visual bookmarking toll that helps to discover and save creative ideas.
  • Using search bar you can  search new ideas and people and trends
  • It is free for anyone
  • You can easily download it form google play store

5. X (Formaly Twitter)

Twitter - Popular Social Media Platforms

Twitter is a famous social media platform in all over the is a free social networking site where users broadcast short post known as tweets. if you want to access  twitter you  can need an internet connection or smartphone to use the app or website name twitter .com.


  • You can post the content for all over world to see and join public conversations
  • Using this app you can up to date on breaking news
  • It can provides live streaming for users
  • You can communicate with privately with direct message
  • It is free for everyone

6. Linkedin


LinkedIn is a very popular social media is a largest professional network on this app you can find the right job or internship ,connect and strengthen professional relationship, and learn the skills that you need to succeed in your career.


  • Through this app you can research companies
  • In this app you can easily connects with recruiters
  • You can established yourself as a knowledgeable professional
  • It helps to build your brand
  • In this app you can find informative and helpful post.
  • It is a very worth it platform for freshers
  • This app provides access to job opportunities all around the world
  • This app is freely accessible for all
  • You can download this app form google play store

7. Reddit

Reddit - Popular Social Media Platforms

Reddit is one of the wonderful social media app all over the world.It is a network of communities whre people can dive into their interests, hobbies and passions. In this app users create posts in topic based communities-call subreddits-and interacts in comment threads.


  • It is very famous in all over the world.
  • In this app you can discover your digital neibourhood .
  • It gives unlimited entertainment to people
  • It engages in exclusive live Q&A with celebrities
  • This app provides healthy advice and gives fitness tips
  • In this app, you can explore the cosmic world
  • It is free for everyone

You can easily download it form google play store

8. Tumblr


Tumblr is a biggest social media is a microblogging app for sharing photos, music, video, links, quotes, GIFs, text, and other multimedia. In this app profiles are highly customised. App users can also follow each other’s updates and create custom RSS feeds based on their interests.


  • In this app you cansubcribes to blog you follows to get notification whatever it’s updated with a fresh post.
  • In this app you can run multiple blogs
  • In this app you can publish text, high-res photos, links and more to your tumblelog
  • You can be used to publish multiple blogs on the web for free.
  • It is a versatile blogging platform
  • Tumblr platform’s tagging system is a key tool for browsing and finding content
  • This app is free for everyone
  • You can easily download this app from google playstore.

9. Quora

Quora - Popular Social Media Platforms

Quora is a famous social media platform. It is aquestion answer platform that allows users to ask and answers questions. the main features of Quora is provides answers to question.


  • It is a knowledge shareable app
  • It is a question answer platform
  • In this app you can answers question and share your knowledge to all over the world
  • It provides interesting topic and browse quality content
  • This app is very helpful for students
  • It is a free app for everyone
  • You can easily download this app form google play store

10. ShareChat


Sharechat is a well known Indian social media platform. It is a best app to communicate with friends, share jokes,and avail daily news from india within was enacted by Bangalore based Mohalla Tech.


  • It is a trending social media app
  • In this app you can make content on your choice
  • You can use it  for entertainment
  • You can creat your on post and share it to all over the world
  • It is free for all
  • You can easily download it form google play store

11. Koo

Koo - Popular Social Media Platforms

Koo is popular microblogging app.Basically it is a microblogging and social networking was introduced by Bangalore based bombinate technologies


  • It can provides free self-verification of profiles.
  • You can search for koo
  • You can follow thousand of people feed
  • You can translate a koo to a language of your choice
  • In this app you can view multiple tabs like polls, video, new creators etc
  • In this app you can play multiple image and videos
  • It provides direct messaging
  • It is free for all
  • You can easily download it form google play store

12. Explurger


Explurger is a newly launched popular Indian social media platform, it is a social media app build on artificial intelligence to empower users to go beyond provides many interesting feature for users.


  • In this app, users share pictures and videos on the
  • You can create bucket list share future travel plans and rate places on the app
  • You can get reward for being socially active
  • It gives a shout-out to your next destination
  • Through this app users can earn money
  • It is free for all
  • You can download this app from  google play store
  • If you want to use a good social media platforms which give benefit ,so without any dealay go and download these app.

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