Upcoming Wireless Earbuds in 2024

Upcoming Wireless Earbuds

Once upon a time, there was an era of wired earphones. However, the demand and popularity of wireless earbuds are increasing daily. People are shifting from wired earphones to wireless earbuds because there is no tension between wire cutting and in wireless earbuds we get many more useful features than wired earphones. These Upcoming Wireless Earbuds are also very comfortable to use and easy to carry while traveling.

In India, we have many popular and trusted wireless brands. Whose wireless earbuds are sold in huge amounts all over India? The most popular wireless earbud brands in India are Apple, boAt, noise, oppo, Samsung, realme, Sony, Bose, and JBL. Here is the list of upcoming earbuds of those popular brands.

Here is the list of some Upcoming Wireless Earbuds in 2024:

1. Apple AirPods 4th Gen

Apple AirPods 4th GenUpcoming Wireless Earbuds

Apple is the most popular and premium brand in the wireless earbuds market in India and also out of India. Yet it is confirmed that soon they are launching their new generation of Apple AirPods 4th Gen. It is confirmed that the new generation AirPods has come with a type C charging port and in-ear design in both models.

However, pro models came with extra features than non-pro models like better active noise cancelation better mike and surround sound quality, etc. The expected price of these upcoming earbuds is between 19999 to 29999 INR.

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

This year Samsung India is going to launch its most popular upcoming earbuds Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 pro. The new generation earbuds Galaxy Buds 3 pro come with all the features surround sound, better noise cancellation, and longer battery backup.

Galaxy Buds 3 pro will also come with IP67 certification. Yet we can use it in any extreme situation without any tension. However, the price and date are yet not to be known. But you can say that this upcoming wireless earbuds is more costly than Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

3. OnePlus Buds 4

OnePlus Buds 4 - Upcoming Wireless Earbuds

At the beginning of this year, OnePlus launched its new generation of upcoming wireless earbuds Oneplus Buds 3. Yet we can expect that at the end of this year, OnePlus might launch the OnePlus Buds 4. This comes with surround sound, Active Noise Cancellation, and more premium features.

We can expect that in the new generation, OnePlus will provide better water and dust-resistant certification than the Buds 3. However, the price and launch date of the OnePlus Buds 4 is not yet confirmed.

4. boAt Nirvana’s new series

boAt Nirvana's new series

The most famous series of boAt wireless earbuds lineup is the Nirvana series. We can expect that boAt will launch new Nirvana series wireless earbuds at the mid or the end of this year 2024. This new series Nirvana comes with a longer playback time of more than 120 hours.

However, you might also get better surround sound quality, low latency, and active noise cancellation than the Nirvana Iron series. The price is not confirmed but we can say that the price of this upcoming wireless earbuds is under 5000 INR.

5. Boult z20 Pro

Boult z20 Pro

In January 2024. Boult India has launched its premium budget segment wireless earbuds Boult z20. So we can expect that the Boult z20 Pro model comes with all the features like 60 hours of plack back time, 10 min first charging technology, ENC falling, etc.

Although the price is more than this Boult z20 model, it is confirmed that it comes under 4000 INR. The expected date to launch is mid or end of this year 2024.

6. Samsung Galaxy FE

Samsung Galaxy FE - Upcoming Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy FE has become popular among Samsung users as this FE series earbuds provide premium features and quality like Samsung Galaxy earbuds FE. These wireless earbuds provide active noise cancellation, Wingtip design, deep powerful sound, and hassle-free pairing. Rumors come that SamsungIndia might launch the Galaxy FE 2023 edition in the middle or end of this year.

Samsung might offer active noise cancellation, and Dolby Atmos sound in this new edition. However, the price and launch date is of this upcoming wireless earbuds not yet known but you can expect the price in under 15000.

7. boAt TWS Airdopes 141 ANC

boAt  TWS Airdopes 141 ANC

the boAt is quite popular in the Indian market for its budget wireless earbuds. Which provides all premium features on a budget. A rumor come that boAt might launch their 141 budget airdrops with Active noise cancellation features. All other features like 42 hours of playback, bassy sound, and 10 min fast charging were provided by boAt.

These upcoming wireless earbuds come with water-resistant certification. The expected price of boAt TWS Airdopes 141 ANC is under 3000 INR.

8. Nothing Ear 3

Nothing Ear 3  - Upcoming Wireless Earbuds

In this ear Nothing India is ready to launch its premium flagship wireless earbuds Nothing Ear 3. The Nothing Ear 3 comes with AI music enhancer features, Active Noise Cancellation, Long playback time, clear voice technology, and a premium and comfortable design.

We can expect that these Earbuds will come with water-resistant certification. The expected price of this upcoming wireless earbuds is under 10000.

9. OnePlus 12R Wireless Earbuds

OnePlus 12R Wireless Earbuds

In this year 2024 Oneplus is ready to launch their new upcoming wireless earbuds OnePlus 12R wireless earbuds. This earbud might come with Dolby surround sound, Active noise cancellation, Long playback time, and premium design.

Rumors say that this earbud might launch with the 12 and 12R smartphone series at the middle or end of this year. The price is not yet to be known.

10. Noise Earbuds Pro 2 SE

Noise Earbuds Pro 2 SE  - Upcoming Wireless Earbuds

Noise might launch their Noise Earbuds Pro 2 SE wireless earbuds in this year 2024. These upcoming wireless earbuds come with all the features like Active Noise Cancellation, a Long playback time of 45 hours, and a comfortable design.

It is confirmed that this upcoming wireless earbuds come with IPX5 certification. The approximate price of these earbuds is under 5000 INR.


In this blog, we mentioned all the details and features of the upcoming wireless earbuds of 2024. We mentioned all popular earbuds come from the most popular brands in India like Apple, Samsung, Boult, boAt, onePlus, etc. If you are going to buy new wireless earbuds you can check out them. We briefly describe all its features and expect price and launch date.

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