Top 6 Best UPI Apps for Business in India to Receive Payments

UPI Apps for Business in India

If you are a small or big businessman or shopkeeper and you want to know about the Best UPI Apps for Business in India then I can tell you that you have clicked on the right article. Through this article, we have given you complete information about some of the best UPI Apps for Business in India which will help you a lot to know about the best UPI Apps as per your needs.

Day by day, the way transactions through the UPI app is increasing among common people. And also the demand increasing for this UPI app has increased in small and big businesses. Therefore, considering the needs of the customers, all the small and big shopkeepers and businessmen have also started using the UPI App.

From small stalls, shops, vegetable markets, and fast food shops to big shopping malls, the use of the UPI app has increased. However, there are many UPI apps or platforms on the internet for all purposes, be it for personal use or business use.

But now an important question is if you are a small or big shopkeeper, or you are a stall and shopping mall owner then which will be the best UPI App for your business? Here we have sorted several UPI App apps from the internet according to their feature charges and number of users.

Those Apps are –
  1. Paytm for Business
  2. PhonePe for Business
  3. Google Pay for Business
  4. Amazon Pay for Business
  5. BharatPe for Merchants
  6. MobiKwik for Business

Each of these apps is the best UPI App for all types of businesses in India. Apart from receiving payments in any type of business, you will also get various opportunities to grow your business from these UPI platforms.

So now check which UPI App will be best according to your needs among these UPI Apps. For that read this article thoroughly.

Here is the list of the 6 Best UPI Apps for Business In India:-

1. Paytm for Business

Paytm for Business - UPI Apps for Business in India

Paytm business is the most popular UPI app for businesses among merchants in India to receive payments and cashless transactions. In recent times Paytm updated its user interface and added more useful features for the users. In recent years Paytm’s business has shifted focus from P2P transactions to P2M transactions. As a result, the Paytm business app has become the most popular UPI Apps for Business.

The Paytm for Business app is designed to cater to the needs of businesses, both small and large, providing them with a platform to accept payments, manage transactions, and access various financial services. Companies can use the app to take payments from clients via several methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and UPI (Unified Payments Interface).


  • Take Payments: Companies can use the app to take payments from credit cards, debit cards, and UPI.
  • Payments with QR Codes: Businesses can create QR codes, which customers can scan to easily make payments.
  • Reporting on Sales: Merchants can monitor their business performance through the app.
  • Management of Inventory: Certain app versions might provide inventory management tools.
  • Electronic Fund Transfers: By facilitating digital transactions, the software helps businesses for cashless payments.
Website Traffic349K
App DownloadsGoogle Play Store (50 million)
Head OfficeNoida, India.
Download LinkAndroid/iOS

2. PhonePe for Business

PhonePe for Business

PhonePe is a well-known Indian digital payment UPI app for businesses that provides a variety of financial services, such as digital wallets, UPI payments, and more. Through its business app, PhonePe offers alternatives for companies as well, enabling retailers to take electronic payments via various modes. We can say that Phone Pay business offers a variety of features that help a small or big business manage and record their daily transactions.

The PhonePe for Business app is made to meet the demands of companies and retailers by giving them a way to monitor daily or monthly transactions, take digital payments, and access a range of financial services.


  • Take Payments: Companies can collect payments from clients via the app in several ways.
  • Payments with QR Codes: Businesses may create QR codes with the app to take payments from customers.
  • Reporting on Sales: Retailers have access to comprehensive transaction histories.
  • Quick Settlements: Businesses may be able to obtain their payments more rapidly with quick settlement.
  • Payouts in Bulk: Certain app versions might have features that let businesses pay suppliers or distribute salaries.
Website Traffic1.2 Million
App DownloadsGoogle Play Store (50 million)
Head OfficeBangalore, Karnataka, India
Download LinkAndroid/iOS

3. Google Pay for Business

Google Pay for Business - UPI Apps for Business in India

Google Pay offers a variety of digital payment options, including a commercial solution called Google Pay for business. Specifics regarding Google Pay services and apps, however, in this business app Google Pay offers different types of useful features that can help a business to keep a record in detail of their daily or monthly transactions.

Google Pay for Business is intended to assist companies and retailers in accepting online payments and handling transactions with ease. It provides a range of capabilities to improve the way that customers and companies make payments. As it is the most popular UPI payment for business.


  • Take Payments: Businesses can accept payments from clients using a variety of methods.
  • Payments with QR Codes: Businesses can create QR codes with the app.
  • Electronic Billing: It might be possible for Google Pay for Business to allow digital invoicing.
  • Client Interaction: The app might contain features that assist businesses in establishing relationships with their customers.
  • Google Services Integration: Google Pay for Business may integrate with other Google services.
Website Traffic26.7 Million
App DownloadsGoogle Play Store (50 million)
Head OfficeNew Delhi Central, New Delhi, India
Download LinkAndroid/iOS

4. Amazon Pay for Business

Amazon Pay for Business

Amazon Pay is a digital payment UPI app for businesses that gives customers a convenient and safe way to make purchases online. Though its main application is for consumer transactions on the Amazon platform, there isn’t currently an “Amazon Pay Business App” of its own. However, Amazon does provide several commercial solutions, such as the option for companies to incorporate Amazon Pay into their applications and websites to take payments.

Amazon offers a set of tools called Amazon Pay for Businesses that make it simple, safe, and effective for retailers and sellers to take payments. Businesses may provide their consumers with a dependable and comfortable payment experience by connecting Amazon Pay to their websites or mobile applications.


  • Safe Transactions: Amazon Pay uses its strong security infrastructure to guarantee safe transactions.
  • Checkout with Just One Click: With just one click, customers can complete transactions with Amazon Pay.
  • Client Verification: To improve security, the service might provide tools for identification.
  • Connectivity to Amazon Services Integration: Businesses that sell on Amazon benefit from Amazon Pays seamlessly.
  • Optimizing for Mobile: Amazon Pay is mobile-friendly which attract more customer to use it.
Website Traffic984.4K
App DownloadsGoogle Play Store (5 million)
Head OfficeSeattle, Washington, United States
Download LinkAndroid/iOS

5. BharatPe for Merchants

BharatPe for Merchants - UPI Apps for Business in India

BharatPe is an Indian fintech company that offers digital payment solutions including BharatPe Business for commercial usage. The BharatPe UPI Business App is a platform that offers a range of tools to simplify financial administration and transactions, catering to the payment requirements of small businesses and merchants. It’s important to keep in mind that specifics regarding BharatPe’s services and apps might have changed after my last update, so it’s best to get the most recent information straight from BharatPe or other trustworthy sources.

The BharatPe Business App is designed to meet the unique needs of Indian retailers and companies by offering them a complete digital payment solution. The software intends to improve financial management, streamline the payment process, and provide extra services to improve the expansion of enterprises or businesses.


  • Take Payments: Companies can take payments from clients via debit cards, credit cards, and UPI.
  • Payments with QR Codes: Through the software, retailers can create QR codes.
  • Quick Settlements: BharatPe might have capabilities that enable quick settlements.
  • Electronic Ledger: Businesses can be able to keep track of their financial records.
  • Financial Services: For qualified retailers, certain app versions might give them access to financial services.
Website Traffic280.4K
App DownloadsGoogle Play Store (10 million)
Head OfficeNew Delhi, India
Download LinkAndroid/iOS

6. MobiKwik for Business

MobiKwik for Business

MobiKwik is an Indian digital wallet and UPI payment app for businesses that provide a variety of financial services, such as online transactions, bill payments, and mobile recharges. Moreover, MobiKwik offers business solutions with its MobiKwik Business App, which is made to accommodate merchants’ financial and payment requirements. The MobiKwik business app enables a business however it is small or big it helps to manage business it’s transactions and keep records of all those monthly and daily transactions.

The goal of the MobiKwik Business App is to empower businesses and merchants by providing a range of digital payment and financial management tools. It is intended to facilitate cashless payments, streamline transactions, and offer extra services to boost business growth.


  • Payments with QR Codes: Businesses may create QR codes with the app to make transactions quick.
  • Quick Settlements: MobiKwik might provide capabilities that enable quick settlements.
  • Electronic Ledger: The app might have features that assist companies in managing financial records.
  • Payouts in Bulk: Businesses may be able to make bulk payouts using certain app versions.
  • Payment of Utility Bills: Utility bills and other expenses may be paid immediately using the MobiKwik Business App.
Website Traffic1 Million
App DownloadsGoogle Play Store (500K)
Head OfficeMumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Download LinkAndroid/iOS


These are the most popular apps for UPI business transactions in India. Small and huge businesses mostly use these 6 apps to manage and record their daily transactions. These apps are safe and easy to use for their user-friendly interface and safely encrypted transactions. If you are looking for any UPI Apps for the business you can check out them.

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