5 Signs to Know if Your Phone Has Been Hacked


In today's world we all are dependent on one device and that is our smartphone. Today's world we all have smartphone in our hand. Without smartphone we can't leave 1 min. Smartphone provide us a lots of benefits but at the same time we faced a fear that is phone hacking. 

Can you imagine if your phone is hack then what happened with you?

Don't worry , I have a solution for you. I tell you how you know if your phone has been hacked.

1. Fast Battery drainage

you know if you smartphone battery drain charge faster than usual. Battery training is one of the easiest sign that your phone has been hacked.


Overheating is the one of the sign of phone hacking. Phone can naturally hit when we are watching videos or doing any task through phone.

3.Unusual Behaviour

Unusual behaviour of a phone can be cause of hacking. Sometime you feelq some strange behaviour like App crash failure to download or sudden  shutdown.

4.High data usage

If your mobile data uses urgently hi without any information it may because of phone hack.

5.unknow call and text

suddenly if you see you text app or call log you noticed many unnecessary call or message is there with some unknown sign.

5.Unknown Gallery

if you look at your gallery and you can see some unknown photo and videos is in your gallery that you did not capture or cover it means may some unauthorised access to your camera and your phone control by someone.