How to Use the WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature

WhatsApp Chat Lock feature

The WhatsApp company keeps launching new features in the WhatsApp app for its customers day by day. Just this time, WhatsApp company has added a new feature called Chat Lock to the WhatsApp app for its users. This new feature will greatly help WhatsApp users to keep their private chats secure from others. With this feature, WhatsApp users can keep their private chats more secure than ever before.

But it’s not like the WhatsApp app didn’t have any features to protect its users’ chats. WhatsApp has already added features like face lock and fingerprint lock to keep its users’ data safe from other people. You could easily secure your personal information with a face lock and fingerprint lock to keep it safe from other people. But this new Chat Lock Feature of WhatsApp has increased this security even further.

If you want to use this Chat Lock feature then read this article till the end. In this article, I have given complete information on how to use this Chat Lock Feature in detail. So let’s see how you can use this new feature.

Benefits of Using the WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature:

  • Chat privacy: By using WhatsApp app lock features we can protect and keep our chat private and protected from others.
  • Hide chats: The main benefit of using WhatsApp chat lock is that when you lock one or multiple chats in WhatsApp it disappears from the chat section no one can see it normally.
  • Different lock types: The benefit of using chat lock is that you can lock your chat in different ways like face recognition or biometric authentication.
  • Easy unlock option: The benefit of using this feature is that you can unlock any chat by dragging the home screen down tapping on the chat you want and applying your unlock option.

Use the WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature: Step-by-Step Guide:-

First let us tell you that since WhatsApp has launched this new feature, it is slowly rolling out for all phones. You may not see this feature on all smartphones at the same time. If you want to use this feature or know if this feature is available for your WhatsApp app then first of all you need to update your WhatsApp app. After the update, you can use this feature if you see this feature showing in chat info.


First, open the WhatsApp app.

Then Tap on a Chat that you want to lock.


Now tap on the Person’s Name in the top menu bar.


From here scroll down Tap on the Chat Lock.

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature

Now Tap on the Switch to activate the Lock this chat with fingerprint.


Here you have to place your finger on the sensor on your smartphone.

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature

Now tap on this view option to see all your locked chats.


Finally, you lock the chats you want to lock. And you can see here all of your lock chats.

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature


WhatsApp chat lock features add an extra layer of security to protect your personal chats in WhatsApp. If someone is using your WhatsApp you can use the WhatsApp chat lock feature. The following steps to lock chat in WhatsApp are above on the blog. You can read this and easily lock your private chat and hide and protect them from others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you lock a WhatsApp chat?

The process of using the WhatsApp chat lock feature is very simple. You can use the WhatsApp chat feature just by following a few processes. By following each of the above steps well, you can easily lock your private chats.

Where are locked chats in WhatsApp?

Locked chats on WhatsApp remain on WhatsApp chats. When you open WhatsApp Messenger, you will see an option called Locked Chats above all chats. Clicking on that will show you all your locked chats. But to see these locked chats you need to unlock them with your fingerprint only then you can see the locked chats.

How can I secure my private chat on WhatsApp?

There are two ways you can protect private chats on WhatsApp. One is through App Lock where you can lock the entire WhatsApp app from other people through fingerprint lock.

There is also another process that WhatsApp launched this May which is the chat lock feature. With this chat lock feature, you can lock only the chat you want to lock. But in this case, also you have to lock the chat with a fingerprint and unlock the chat with a fingerprint in case of the chat.

What happens when you lock a conversation on WhatsApp?

If you lock a conversation on WhatsApp, no one else can see or read your locked chat except you. Only you can view and reply to locked chats.

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