Multiple Accounts In One App, Whatsapp Is Going To Bring A New Feature Soon

WhatsApp Multiple Accounts

Nowadays we all are connected to some social app. In other words, without social apps, we are stagnant. Be it entertainment in our daily lives or work, social apps are everywhere. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, we are all a part of everyday life. In today’s era, Facebook and Instagram are all platforms we use both for our entertainment and work. To increase the user experience of this Whatsapp social media, Meta Company has launched the feature of using Whatsapp Multiple Accounts in the same app.

Many of us are associated with multiple accounts on Facebook or Instagram. By keeping multiple accounts in one app on our phone, we have to switch the account according to our choice. But have you noticed that the platform that we think is the most safe in terms of sharing our privacy information is WhatsApp right? We use WhatsApp more than any other app to share important information be it work or anything else with trust. 

That is, WhatsApp has made a unique contribution to the world of work. But the problem is that we can’t log in to multiple accounts at the same time on WhatsApp, and we can’t even switch our accounts. Do you think it is important to have two account login features on WhatsApp at the same time?

Of course, it is necessary and this time it is going to happen.  According to sources, users will soon be able to log in to two WhatsApp accounts at a time.  WhatsApp is bringing this facility and it is not far away. You can easily switch from one account to multiple accounts. Now you don’t have to repeatedly log out or use two phones, use WhatsApp users.

From now on, users can switch accounts on the same phone in the same app to run two accounts.  They can easily send any information through different accounts to different places through a phone without any trouble by logging out again and again. 

But let’s know how to do this setting-

  • To open a second account, a second phone number or SIM card or a phone with a dual SIM facility is required.
  • Unlock your Android phone and go to WhatsApp settings.
  • Click on the arrow go to your name click “Add account” and then add your account then switch your account.
  • Enjoy this amazing feature of WhatsApp.
  • This app allows you to control your privacy and data-sharing settings.

While using WhatsApp always remember to use official WhatsApp from the Play Store. By using official WhatsApp, you can protect any kind of privacy and avoid various frauds. Remember that official WhatsApp messages are safe and private.

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