How To Create Your People Card on Google Search

Create Your Google People Card

If you are a common person and you want to add your profile on Google like celebrities then you must read this article. Google has launched a new feature which is the People Card feature. Through this, you can create your People Card on Google like celebrities. If a person searches by writing your name this person’s cut will show him.

Google launched this feature, especially for common people, and content creators. Another good feature of this feature is that you can create a profile on Google Search completely free. In this profile, you can add your name, picture, website and social media links, or your business address.

If you are a normal personal or content creator then any person who searches your name on Google will have all their information in front of people. And you can also share this people card with others as you need.

So now go to Google search and see how you can make this people card and after making this people card d see how you can edit and add more information.

By looking at the method we have given here, you can easily create your People Card on Google. So follow the complete procedure well to know how to make people card.

Google App Link:- Android, iOS


First of all, go to your mobile and open the Google mobile app. And if you don’t have the Google app on your mobile then go to the Google Play Store and download it.

Create Your People Card

After opening the app, tap on the search option.

Then type add me to search in the Google search option then tap on the search button.


Now some suggestions will open in Google search, you will see a Get Started button like this. Now tap on this Get Started button.

Create Your People Card

Now login with your Gmail account or if you are logged in then select the Gmail account with which you will create People Card.


Then a form will open below and be filled with all this information.

  • Name: Here enter your full name.
  • Location: Here Enter your location.
  • About: Here you enter some information about yourself like what is your profession or whether you are a content cricketer.
  • Occupation: Enter your specific profession here
  • Social Profile: Add your social media links here
  • Work: Here you can add all your businesses
  • Education: Write here how far you have studied
  • Home Town: Enter your home address here
  • Website: Enter your website link
  • Email: Add your contact email here
  • Mobile Number: Add your contact mobile number

Then tap on the preview button below.

Create Your People Card
Create Your People Card 5

You can see how your profile will look on Google after editing all your information.
Now tap on the save button here.


Then type in the view search button to view your profile on Google.


Here you can see that if someone searches on Google search by writing your name, then your people card will be shown in front of him.

Create Your People Card


If you want to get on people search results you have to create a Google people card. Google people card helps you to get in people search. This means when someone searches your name they can see your profile picture, name, work info, etc. If you want to create a people card you might read the above blog where all the instructions are briefly described step by step It helps you a lot to create a people card very easily and quickly without any confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Google People Card?

Open the Google app -> search add me to search -> Get started -> Choose gmail -> Fill the details below -> Preview -> Save -> view search card.

Why is my people card not showing up on Google?

There are a few reasons behind your people card not showing here that are. If your people card not showing you have to check that your app & web activity is turned on and also check that you are using your personal Google account with English language preference.

How do I edit my Google profile?

To edit your Google profile you have to open the Google app and tap on the profile picture shown above. Now tap on Select a new profile picture or Remove profile picture or edit name DOB and after editing click on the save button.

How do I add myself on Google?

To add yourself on Google you have to create a people card on Google. All the steps to create a people card on Google are briefly written on the above of the blog.

What is the use of add me to search?

Add Me to Search enables people to show their profile on Google when someone searches for their name. It shows your name, profile picture, work info, etc.

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