How to Download Khatabook Customer Statement in PDF from App

Download Khatabook Customer Statement

Are you looking to download Customer Statement from your Khatabook mobile app? Then you have clicked on the right article. In this article, I have given complete information on how you can download Khatabook Customer Statement in a PDF file from the mobile app.

The process of downloading this ledger statement is very simple, just by following several steps you can easily download the account statement of any customer. You don’t have to pay any kind of charge for this. You can download the account statement of any customer as many times as you like in this book app.

But here we tell you that there are two processes to download the customer statement of Khatabuk. One is from the mobile app and the other is from the desktop web version. In these two cases, the process of downloading the Customer Statement is also slightly different.

If you are using the Khatabook app through the web version from your desktop or laptop and if you want to download the customer statement from the website then you must read this article Download Khatabook Customer Statement from the website.

So now see how to download notebook customer statements from the mobile app. For this, you need to follow every step given below well. I am sure after reading this article you will easily understand how to download customer statements through the Khatabook app.

What is Khatabook?

Khatabook is a smart digital ledger app on your phone. It helps small or large businesses to maintain and record their transactions so beautifully. Khatabook apps keep records of debit and credit transactions. It also has payment reminder features that remind you of your pending payments.

The Khatabook app also has features for managing transactions and inventory and sending payment links on WhatsApp. For any business, it is important to keep a record of the details of the customer. The Khatabook app allows business owners to keep a record of the details of customers only one time and after that, it automatically records that details.

What is the Khatabook Customer Statement?

Khatabook customer statement is the record of financial transactions of a particular customer. Khatabook shows you all the debit and credit transactions, along with the date and time of the transactions.

Not only that Khatabook shows you all the details of the customer along with the customer’s mobile number and payment ID. Khatabook shows the total transactions of that customer in one place. You can simply download the statement as a PDF file. You can also filter the transactions. This helps you to see transactions as per your requirements.

Follow these steps to Download the Khatabook Customer Statement:

To download the Khatabook account statement first you need to install the Khatabook app and log in to your account with your mobile number. If installed or logged into the account, open the app and go directly to the home screen.


First, open your Khatabook App.

Download Khatabook Customer Statement

Then tap on the Customer Name.


From here tap on Report on the top right.

Download Khatabook Customer Statement

Now tap on the Download button.


Finally, tick on Entry Details and then tap on the OK button.

Download Khatabook Customer Statement

Scroll down your mobile notification panel.

You will see the downloaded file in the notification panel.

Then tap on the Khatabook statement pdf Notification to view the statement.


We hope after reading this article you have understood how to download the Khatabook Customer Statement. Once this PDF file is downloaded you can send it to anyone or take a printout. If this article was helpful for you then please share it with everyone.

Khatabook: Android, iOS, and Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the customer service number of Khatabook?

+919606500500 This is the customer service number of Khatabook. The number shared here is the Indian customer service number. If you are using the Khatabook app from any country other than India, you can contact Khatabook customer service by mail at

Is Khatabook free?

There are two different versions of the Khatabook platform. One is the mobile app and the other is the web version. Among these two versions, the mobile app is completely free while the web version is paid. And to use this web version you have to use a premium plan.

Is Khatabook app available for PC?

Yes, this Khatabook platform is available for desktop and laptop PCs. However, it is not available as software for Windows or Mac PCs. To use this app, log in to any browser on Windows or Mac desktop or laptop.

How can I download Khatabook copy online?

Downloading Khatabook customer statements on the Khatabook platform is very easy. First, you have to log in with a mobile number in the Khatabook app or web version. Then click on any customer’s name. Now click on the Report button at the top right. Then select the date from which you want to download the Khatabook customer statement copy. Then click on the download button below. Click this link for more details.

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