Top 9 Best Free Online Image Compressor Tools (Free/Tested)

Online Image Compressor Tools

Uploading to online portals by compressing the size of images or photos has become a very common thing nowadays. Whether you fill out online forms or any professional work where you need to compress various types of images and upload them online. This article is only for you because in this article I have given detailed information about several such Online image compressor tools. Which will greatly facilitate your daily work.

Usually, you need to install paid software or apps on your desktop or mobile to compress such images. Let us inform you here that you can compress images or photos like professional image compressor software or app through these tools online without any kind of software or app.

Let me tell you here that I am a blogger and almost every day I have to compress high-resolution images and upload them to the portal for content. But I don’t use any kind of software or app for this. And I compress images with these tools online which gives me better quality image compression than professional image compressor software or apps.

In which professions are these tools very helpful?

Cybercafe:- Image compression tool is mostly used in cybercafe. Because here from form fill to banking almost all online work is done. For that, in every case, it is necessary to scan images or documents and upload them to various portals. Not all portals have a facility for uploading large-size images, so these image compression tools play a much more important role in the work of cybercafé users.

Content Writing Profession:- If this image compression tool is used more than anything else, it is in the content writing profession. The importance of these tools is very high in the profession of content writing. As in the case of various tutorial articles compressing the screenshots and uploading them is mandatory so these image compression tools are very helpful in this content writing profession as well.

What are the benefits of using these tools:-

  1. Free Image Compression Tools:- Each of these tools is completely free with which you can compress photos completely free of charge.
  2. Automatic Image Compression:- Also one of the best features of these tools is Automatic Image Compression. These tools will automatically compress the size while uploading images through artificial intelligence.
  3. Image compression like manual:- Apart from this automatic image compression, one more feature you will get is manual image compression. If you don’t like the image formation through artificial intelligence, you can compress the image size according to your needs.
  4. Bulk Image Compression:- Another good feature of these tools is bulk image compression. Through which you can compress multiple images together.
  5. No limit on image compression:- Another good thing about these tools is that these tools have no limit on image compression. You can make the image as complex as you want.

Here are the Top 9 Best Free Online Image Compressor Tools:-

1. TinyPNG

TinyPNG - Online Image Compressor Tools

TinyPng is also one of the very useful Online Image Compressor Tools that you can use to compress images very easily. The TinyPng is a free tool. That’s why you should not spend any money using this tool. And as this is a web tool you do not need to download it in your system.

It enables you to compress any JPG or PNG file smartly without any issue of being rendered and pixelated. Its AI technology handles all of it and delivers you a perfectly compressed image. Which you can use anywhere as per your need.

Here we mentioned some pros, and cons of the TinyPng online image compression tool.


  • It supports bulk image compression to upload multiple files
  • The easy-to-use interface is user-friendly.
  • Drag and drop features support.


  • The Adobe plugin is paid.
  • When you bulk upload an image it takes a few times for compression.

2. is a popular online image-compressing tool. This automatically adjusts the size of the image according to the quality of the image. The main advantage of is that it supports multiple types of image files such as JPG, PNG, JPEG, WBEP, and SVP.

The site enables drag-and-drop features by using this you can easily upload files for compression. Its special feature is that it handles compression very smoothly according to the quality of the file and there is no issue of bad quality images and pixel mismatching.

Here we mentioned some pros and cons of this online image compression tool


  • Support multiple file formats for image compression.
  • Compression speed is quite faster in case it is free.
  • The quality of the compressed image is quite good.
  • Multiple image compression at a time is supported.


  • It has certain limits in the free version.
  • A daily compression limit is set for the free version.

3. Optimizilla

Optimizilla - Online Image Compressor Tools

Optimizilla is another easy-to-use and free online image compression tool that most people use. It supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF image file formats for image compressing. This tool adds each image to the queue and automatically compresses them through loosely optimized technology.

This online image compression tool has a very useful slider where you can find all images that are going to be processed one after another and also the time duration of completion of each image compression. You can also remove the images from the queue through the slider.

Here we mentioned some pros and cons of Optimizilla.


  • Very easy-to-use and user-friendly user interface.
  • Image compression is free.
  • Support GIF compression also.
  • You can compress multiple images at a time.


  • Compression time might be higher in some optional cases.
  • Might take a long time to upload a big image file.


Kraken is another one of the useful Online Image Compressor Tools used by most professionals. It has features to resize your document as per your need. It supports multiple file formats like JPG, JPEG, WBEP, IMG, etc. This tool can also compress multiple image files at a time.

But it has certain limits in the free version of the tool but you can not complain about that because it is a very good image compression-free tool. Which delivered a very good-quality compressed image.

Here we mentioned some highlighted pros and cons.


  • Multiple file format support.
  • You can compress multiple times at the same time.
  • Image compression is free.
  • User-friendly UI.


  • The premium version price is slightly higher.
  • Some limitations like image quality, and no image compression.

5. ImageOptim

ImageOptim - Online Image Compressor Tools

ImageOptim is another useful and free-to-use online image compression tool. If anyone want to compress multiple image file at a time you can do this in this tool. It also supports multiple file formats so that you can easily compress any type of image file without hesitating.

Generally it compressed images as 10 to 40 % of the original size. Even if the file size is reduced to half of the original quality of the image is not compromised.

Here we mentioned some pros and cons:


  • Support multiple file format
  • Compression speed is quite impressive.
  • The quality of compressed images is good in quality.
  • Reduces the file size by half to the original.


  • There are no certain cons like the limit of compression, quality of the compressed file, etc.

6. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is a very useful free tool for compressing images. But as the name suggest it only support JPEG file format for compressing image. The quality of the compressed image is quite impressive.

JPEG Optimizer can compress bulk image files only in jpeg format. It reduces the half of the original file. The compression speed is also quite impressive.

Here we mentioned some pros and cons of this tool.


  • Free to use for image compression.
  • The compressed image quality is quite good.
  • The compression time of the image is quite impressive.
  • User-friendly user interface.


  • Only support JPEG image files for compression.

7. Squoosh

Squoosh - Online Image Compressor Tools

Squoosh is a very useful online image compression tool. It supports new AI technology to compress various types of compressed images. Options include quality percentages, smoothing, and resizing among many others.

This online image compression tool is free to use and the user interface is also user-friendly.

Some pros and cons of this tool are mentioned here.


  • This image compression tool is free to use.
  • The user interface of this tool is very easy and readable.
  • The quality of the compressed image is quite good.
  • Almost compressed half of the original size.


  • We can not find any vital cons for this tool.

8. ShortPixel


ShortPixel is an easy-to-use, user-friendly online image compression tool for compressed images. Many professionals use it to fulfill their work daily. ShorPixel enables us to upload multiple image files and compress them at a time.

ShortPixel is a website that supports multiple file formats for compressing images. ShortPixel is almost compatible with all other sites.

Here are some pros and cons of ShortPixel.


  • Drag and drop feature available.
  • Multiple file format support.
  • The quality of the compressed image is quite impressive.
  • The size of the compressed file is almost half of the original file.


  • Uploading files becomes slower when you upload files in bulk size.

9. ImageRecycle

ImageRecycle - Online Image Compressor Tools

ImageRecycle is a very useful WordPress plugin for compressing image files. The jpg, png, and gif optimization algorithms can reduce the image size by up to 85%. While the resulting photos are visually identical to the originals.

We believe that image and PDF compression is a matter of preserving the quality and then reducing the size. In the case of ImageRecycle, the quality of the file is not compromised at all.


  • User-friendly user interface.
  • The quality of the compressed file is quite impressive.
  • Also compressed PDF files.
  • Multiple file format support.


  • We did not find any cons or issues but this online image compression tool is paid.


In this article, we have provided information about some of the best online image compression tools on the internet. I have also given information that may be of use to you in some cases. Whether you are a student, blogger, or any other professional who needs to do image compression regularly, you can write and use these tools. You can use these tools without any software or app for your needs just use all the tools in your browser that may be Chrome, firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

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